NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally occurring co-enzyme found in a variety of cells throughout our bodies. Our cells are able to synthesize NAD from the vitamins and amino acids we consume in our diets, after which, NAD functions to sustain a number of vital biological processes. NAD generates the energy to fuel our cells, maintain healthy DNA and overall, produce a systemwide anti-aging effect. On a larger scale, NAD is essential for healthy organs as it stimulates tiny vessels, known as capillaries, to multiply and better distribute oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout our tissues. NAD also supports a healthy nervous system, as it provides enhanced communication between neurons and advances our cognitive function by improving concentration, memory and mood. 

As we age, its natural for NAD production to slow down, leading to decreased amounts of NAD for our bodies to utilize. In turn, less energy is produced by our cells and less energy is available for basic metabolic functions. This can manifest as general fatigue, decreased exercise tolerance, decreased cognitive performance and the feeling of “mental fog.” Additionally, as NAD levels decline, our DNA loses its ability to repair accumulated damage, eventually causing our cells to age and deteriorate. Many studies have supported that low concentrations of  NAD can be associated with premature aging, an increased risk for cancer and diseases such as cerebral ischemia, Alzhiemer’s, myocardial ischemia and diabetes. 

By supplementing ourselves with NAD infusion therapy, we can replenish NAD levels and optimize our body's baseline functioning. The benefits of NAD infusions include: increased metabolism, feeling energized, improved mental focus and performance, relief from chronic pain and reduced symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.