Dr. Roxanna Namavar

Dr. Roxanna Namavar is a Board-Certified psychiatrist and fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging, who specializes in functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Namavar’s approach is rooted in connection, allowing the patient a deeper understanding of their inner and outer wellness. She believes the next stage of medicine is focused on cellular health and regeneration, and practices with an awareness of how science, emotionality, and spirituality impact herself and her patients. She completed her residency training at the University of Virginia Health-System while completing research at the Division of Perceptual Studies. Dr. Namavar is also a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, NADA certified in auricular acupuncture and trained in hypnosis.

Hear Dr. Namavar speak about Infusion Therapy and the Gut-Brain Axis on the Biohm podcast here.

Your Experience

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