Dr. Roxanna Namavar

Dr. Roxanna Namavar is a Board-Certified psychiatrist and fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging, who specializes in functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Namavar’s approach is rooted in connection, allowing the patient a deeper understanding of their inner and outer wellness. She believes the next stage of medicine is focused on cellular health and regeneration, and practices with an awareness of how science, emotionality, and spirituality impact herself and her patients. She completed her residency training at the University of Virginia Health-System while completing research at the Division of Perceptual Studies. Dr. Namavar is also a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, NADA certified in auricular acupuncture and trained in hypnosis.

Hear Dr. Namavar speak about Infusion Therapy and the Gut-Brain Axis on the Biohm podcast here.

Dr. Leland Stillman

Doctor Stillman is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and specializes in Natural and Integrative Medicine. He majored in Environmental Health at Connecticut College, and went on to earn his Medical Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Doctor Stillman has a passion for doing whatever it takes to discover the root cause of his patients' medical problems. He focuses not only on the patient, but upon all aspects of the environment they live in. He has particular interests in phototherapy (photobiomodulation), nutrition, toxicology, and the immune system. He uses advanced laboratory testing to discover the metabolic imbalances at the root of his patients' medical problems, and then addresses those imbalances with diet, lifestyle, and, when needed, medications. His ultimate practice is not to prescribe, but to empower his patients to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Catherine Waldrop

Dr. Waldrop is a physician with not only extensive experience as medical director of two healthcare companies and a background in psychiatry, but also experience in luxury fashion. Before attending medical school, she worked for W Magazine and for the New York PR firm BPCM, whose clients at the time included Stella McCartney, Derek Lam and Christian Lacroix, among others. Dr. Waldrop has researched and written in particular on the autonomic nervous system, psychological aspects of physical diseases, psychiatric testing, and wholistic anti-ageing. She is a graduate of Brown University, Columbia University and the University of Virginia School of Medicine. She splits her time between New York, Latin America, and London.

Jessica Lasisch

Meet Jessica Lasisch, our fully licensed advanced medical medizin, holistic cosmetic, and nutritionist. A licensed permanent make-up and lash extension artist. She is one of the world’s top cosmetic experts. Jessica Lasisch started her career in the beauty industry as a make-up, and permanent make-up artist. In 2011, she got certified as a medical aesthetician in orthomolecular medicine, making her an expert in holistic cosmetics and nutrition -- a cutting-edge intersection. Jessica Lasisch launched and sold her first beauty spa in Linz, Austria in 2015. Since then, she has been located in Manhattan, working with renowned dermatologists like Dr. Howard Sobel and Sobel & Skin. She now works at Pretty Healthy NYC where her long-standing values are in parallel with the holistic individuality approach to all things wellness and beauty. She believes in individuality, professionalism, and providing compassionate care. Her experience allows for the creation of customized esthetic service for each unique client.

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