NOW OFFERING TELEMEDICINE, TELETHERAPY, & in-home antiviral infusions
NOW OFFERING TELEMEDICINE, TELETHERAPY, & in-home antiviral infusions

Thymosin Alpha-1

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a peptide naturally generated by the thymus gland. The thymus is the home of immune cells that are released when prompted by Thymosin Alpha-1. The production and action of these T cells is vital to adaptive immunity. Through this mechanism, immune cells are able to identify and attack foreign invaders.

Thymosin Alpha-1 has been shown to improve the function of T and dendritic cells, which play a pivotal role in the body’s defense process when suffering from a depressed immune system or an infection.

Thymosin Alpha-1's distinct benefits have led it to be used in the treatment of Hepatitis, AIDS, cancer, and Lyme disease. This is unsurprising when one considers the large role the immune system plays in combating these diseases.


• Improves the functioning of immune cells such as T and dendritic cells
• Effective at supporting the immune system against acute and chronic infections
• Helps to remove unhealthy cells and stop the growth of infections or cancer
• Known antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties
• Enhances effectiveness of vaccines
• Know to suppress tumor growth
• Protects against oxidative damage

Additional Research

Studies have shown that participants fighting infection have lower circulating levels of Thymosin Alpha-1 and helper T cell numbers in comparison to healthier individuals. This can impede recovery from infection, which depends on optimal immune function. Thymosin Alpha-1 supplementation has the potential to provide great therapeutic benefit to patients seeking to strengthen their immune system or those suffering from infection or autoimmune disease.